Equipment List

CNC Mills

Our CNC mills, with our 4th axis capabilities, can also maintain sizes, squareness and parallelism to within .0002”


We maintain tolerances as close as .000050” (fifty millionths of an inch) on our CNC OD/ID grinders and surface grinders.


Our CNC lathes maintain sizes and a T.I.R. (total indicator reading) of .0002” on a consistent basis up to 28” on diameter.

A list of Fabrication Equipment

GMAW, SMAW, GTAW Welding Capabilities

Misc Equipment

Company Software

state-of-the-art machinery

Our commitment to continual advancements in technology reflects our dedication to meeting and exceeding your manufacturing needs. This comprehensive equipment list is a testament to our capability to handle a wide range of projects, from intricate single part components to large, fully functional assemblies.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information or specific requirements. We look forward to showcasing the capabilities of our cutting-edge equipment in bringing your projects to life.

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